Much support in understanding not only my dreams but how my dreams effect my life and my life effects my dreams.

Her depth of understanding things about me like PTSD and how that plays a part in our dream state and waking state has given me a better awareness about myself. She gives her wisdom with such confidence, and compassion that all my fears about asking about this part of my life are gone. She spends a lot of time gathering information from me so her help stretches beyond things I thought dream work involved.

She has taught me how to take control over those dreams which have ‘haunted’ my waking life and given me guidance that no one else has been able to that helps me in my everyday life.

She is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and clearly dedicated to this which then gives me confidence in opening up to her.

I am extremely grateful for all she does for me as my life has changed significantly since connecting with her. Opening up was not easy for me, but I think she saw this in me and worked around it with such care my trust soon grew.

I would highly recommend others pursue this path as I have come to realise how vital it is to every aspect of life.

Susie, Australia